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Charge points for companies, EV drivers and apartments

From now on it is possible to connect a Webasto Live charge point to the E-Flux eMobility platform. This creates a powerful and scalable charging solution for 1 to 250 charging places for companies, EV drivers and HOA’s.

Webasto Live: ready for any project

Webasto has been active in the EV market since 2017 and is rapidly developing into a major player in the e-mobility market. For example, the production of standard battery systems for commercial vehicles will be started in Schierling, Germany, in early 2020.

As a top 100 automotive supplier, quality is a top priority at Webasto. This also applies to the recently launched Webasto Live charge point. Thanks to the extensive connectivity (WiFi, 4G and LAN), the charge point can be managed completely remotely and all transactions can be processed and settled via E-Flux.

Thanks to smart functions such as built-in load management and load balancing, the Webasto Live can be used in almost any situation: from 1 charge point at an EV rider’s home, to 250 charge points at a company parking place.

The E-Flux eMobility platform

E-Flux offers an independent platform that can be connected to +15 different brands of charge points. This makes it possible to settle charging sessions with the employer or guests. Also price setting and whitelist management is possible within the E-Flux eMobility platform. Next to that, E-Flux offers 24/7 support and insight into all technical data so that the configuration can be adjusted remotely by the installer. E-Flux serves more than 5,000 EV drivers and 85 installation partners from the HQ in Amsterdam.

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Charge Point Portal

Set prices for your charging station and determine who has to pay and who can charge for free. In your account you have access to charge data and invoices.

E-Flux dashboard*

Beheer in dit portal je laadpassen en/of laadpalen in één dashboard. Krijg inzicht in alle laadsessies en facturen.

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Technical Portal

Technical details of charging stations are accessible in the Technical Portal. Also remote support, tickets and update of firmware are available in the portal. Specially developed for technical staff.

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