The Tesla Model 3 is already at the top of the sales lists in 10 months. With 10,000 sales at the moment, they go beyond the Volkswagen Polo on the sales lists. This indicates that the Tesla Model 3 works well with Dutch car drivers. Already 300+ E-Flux customers drive a Tesla.

Business drivers

The drivers in the Netherlands who drive for business are also satisfied with the Model 3. The Tesla Model 3 is favorable for the business drivers. Due to the 4% addition rate, the vehicle can be leased at a low price. This is possible from € 597 per month. Are you the proud owner of a Model 3 and do you have the option to charge the car at home? Then quickly continue reading what to think about.

Charging the Tesla Model 3

Upgrade your main connection to 3x25A

The Model 3 can charge on three phases, at a maximum of 16A per phase. This amounts to 11kW per hour, which is an excellent charge capacity. To be able to charge the car on three phases, a 3-phase connection at home is required. This can be provided via the network operator. The periodic costs remain the same. Need more power? Then a 3x35A connection can be requested. Though, take in mind that the periodic costs will then increase by €700 per year.

Capacity charging station

Two types of charging stations are possible on a 3-phase connection: 11kW or 22kW. The Model 3 charges at the same speed on both charge points. Since the difference in price is small (€30,00), in many cases we advise to choose the 22kW charging station. Why? Imagine that in a few years you can drive a different electric vehicle that can charge at a higher Ampère (32A). Then it may be that the 11kW is no longer sufficient. Which charging station is suitable depends on the car, but a 22kW station can always be adjusted in terms of Ampere from the back office, making it suitable in all cases.

Dynamic Load Balancing

Households use more and more electricity: electric cooking, heat pump, charging of electric cars etc. This increases the pressure on the connection in the fuse box. Therefore, Dynamic Load Balancing can be applied to reduce the peak load. The charging station receives the available power from a smart meter or energy meter at that moment. The charge capacity of the car is adjusted to this. With a lot of electricity consumption, the car starts charging slower, with less electricity consumption, the car charges faster. Simple right?

Curious as to which solution is suitable for your home?

  • Smart meter with DSMR 4.0 or higher: Alfen Eve Mini charge point in combination with Dynamic Load Balancing via the P1 port.
  • No smart meter available: Charge point in combination with external energy meter (Alfen, Keba, ABB)

Backoffice subscription

In all cases a back office offers benefits:

  • Receive support remotely. 90% of the issues can be solved from our back office. We offer this 24/7 in all back office subscriptions.
  • Automatically settle charging costs with your own company or employer.
  • Decide for yourself whether the charging station can only be used by you or by others.
  • Set a rate that other users of the charging station pay and receive the monthly payment on your bank account

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Order the Mobility card

If you do not have the option to charge the Model 3 at home, order our charge card. With this charge card you can charge the car at all our charging points throughout the Benelux.

Order mobility card

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