Why a subscription with my charging station?

We often hear that a backoffice at a home charging station is only necessary when you want to settle costs with an employer. This is partly true. But the settlement of charging sessions or receiving money from the employer for the charged kilowatt hours on your own charging station is not the only functionality of a backoffice.

Service and maintenance
In a charging station there are power electronics which can occasionally cause interference. This can even happen to the highest quality charging stations. It is also possible that your cable is stuck, because the safety lock in the socket does not cooperate. Without the E-Flux back-office, an installer will have to visit a location if there occur any problems. This costs time and money. For example, it takes a while for an installer to release a stuck cable.

We have a helpdesk that can be reached 24/7. They can make the first diagnosis and intervene remotely. This saves a lot of time and money for both the owner of the charging station and the installer.

Settle costs with other guests
In many cases, if the electric/hybrid car is purchased privately, you cannot declare the charged kilowatt hours to your employer. More and more often, family and friends also drive an electric or hybrid car. You are driving electrically because it is cleaner and cheaper than a fuel car. Not charging is a waste. Giving away electricity is also a waste, because you neither pay for the fuel that your guest has used to come to visit you.

By settling the charged power your guest charged he helps with clean and cheap mileage, and you get paid the kilowatt hours.

Example: You will pay approximately €24.00 on an annual basis (depending on your kWh rate with your energy company) if you get one visit every month that charges 10 kWh.

Insight into your charging sessions
With the E-Flux backoffice you get a quick insight into the charging sessions that took place at your charging station. This tells you exactly who and how much he/she has charged in the past period. View the different subscriptions for charging stations.

Suitable charging station for your electric car
Do you already have a charging station at home? See which charging station suits your car and main connection.


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Do you have an E-Flux mobility card? Then you can access this portal for an overview of charging sessions and charge locations.

Technical Portal

Technical details of charging stations are accessible in the Technical Portal. Also remote support, tickets and update of firmware are available in the portal. Specially developed for technical staff.

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