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Charging solutions for at the office, at home and on-the-go. From EV charge cards to software for the management of charge points. For private and business use. A flexible solution for every charging need!

EV charge card

The most affordable charge card that will give you access to more than 200,000 international charge points. For both private and business use.
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Charging at the office

With our eMobility platform you manage all the charging needs of your business from one platform while being free to choose your own brand charge point.
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Home charging

Do you have a charge point at home and do you want automatic settlement and reimbursement of charging costs by your employer? That’s possible!
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E-Flux is an independent platform which is compatible with more than 20 charge-point -brands. We focus primarily on the software and the surrounding services. Therefore, we collaborate closely with manufacturers, distributors and installers.


As an installer you are free to pick your own brands. The E-Flux platform is independent which means that its software can be combined multiple charge-point-brands. After you have placed the charge point, we become the first point of contact for the end-user.
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Together with you, the distributor we aim to unburden the installer. With E-Flux you can provide them with a complete solution: a charge station + our eMobility platform + 24/7 support.
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While you focus on the hardware, we provide the software! Together we offer a complete solution for installers and businesses. Receive support and valuable performance data from your charge points.
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Simplicity and convenience. Manage all your charging stations and cards in one platform.

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E-Flux charge card

The most affordable EV charge card

E-Flux eMobility platform

One platform to manage al EV charging needs