E-Flux Mobility cards for private and business use

Only €2,95 incl. VAT per month

100.000+ charge points in Europe

Fair rates without additional costs

24/7 customer support

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How to order a Charge card?


Step 1:

Request form

Create an account via the green button. Choose a charge card or tag.


Step 2:

Activate your card

After activating your charge card or tag, you can immediately charge as many times as you want.


Step 3:

Pay monthly invoice

The costs consist of the E-Flux subscription € 2.95 + operator costs: start rate – electricity rate – time rate.

Available for private and business use

Charge at 100.000+ charging stations

Easily add cards for family members

Monthly invoice with charge sessions

Easy reimbursement with your company or employer

Large charge network incl fast charging stations

Compliant invoice for tax authorities

Frequently asked questions

My charge card is lost or stolen, what should i do?

Send an email to support@e-flux.nl with your name and charge card number. We block the charge card for you. You can request a new charge card or tag from the E-Flux dashboard.

I have not received my charge card, what next?

All orders that we receive before 4:00 PM will be shipped the same day. For destinations in the Netherlands, we keep a maximum of 2 days delivery time. It can sometimes take longer, depending on how busy PostNL is. Is the charge card not delivered within 5 days? Please call us. We can always send a new charge card.

How can I request an extra charge card?

You can easily add another E-Flux charge card via your account. Log in, go to ‘My cards’, and request another one. You can do this also for someone else. Both cards have the same invoice address.

How long does it take to charge my car?

It depends on the driving range of your car and the charge speed. This article provides a comprehensive answer.

Can I charge everywhere in the Netherlands with the E-Flux charge card?

In the Netherlands you can charge anywhere with the E-Flux charge card or tag. There is also a wide reach in the Benelux.

Vincent van Vaalen, CEO:

There are many mobility service providers who offer all kinds of subscriptions and pricing. E-Flux wants to have a clear and fair offer for EV Drivers. With our subscription you always pay the rate set by the charge point owner. No hidden costs, only transparency.

How it works


Search for a charging station via the app or via our website


Plug your charge cable in the car and in the socket of the charger


Swipe your E-Flux charge card in front of the RFID-reader. The charge session will start, and your cable is will be locked for safety.


Is your EV 100% charged? Swipe your card to unlock the cable and the session will be ended. Dependent on the CPO, the session will appear in your account immediately.


Search for a charging station in your neighborhood or via the app. Details like connector type, max. power is available. In the Netherlands you can charge everywhere. Our coverage in Belgium and Germany is almost 100%. We continuously expand our network by adding new chargers.

Download the E-FLux App:

Overview charge locations accessible with the E-Flux card

Navigate to charge locations

See your own charge sessions

View account details and download invoices

Filter by plug-type and power

You want to charge your EV without hazzle, hidden costs or low service? Order now your E-Flux card.

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